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Deep Cleaning and Remarking

Deep Cleaning and Remarking

On March 31 we visited The John Lyon School to deep clean and remark their Linodur sports floor installed in 2012. Over the course of two days the floor’s initial appearance and slip resistance was restored.

Heavy traffic and the build up of dirt and residue can leave floors looking dull, tired and lacklustre. The use of Bona’s unique deep cleaning treatment is effective in removing stubborn stains and restoring the freshness & appearance of the surface, without the costs and downtime associated with full renovation.

The Bona Power Scrubber and concentrated alkaline detergent Bona Sportive Cleaner Plus are a powerful combination designed for the intensive cleaning of sports floors to remove the build-up of body fats, sweat and other contaminants.
It restores the slip resistance on floors that have become slippery over time and also removes most of the scuffs and black heel marks, leaving the sports floor hygienic and rejuvenated.

IMG 7791 IMG 7797

The image depicted above shows the worn lines, faded over 8 years of use. In order to provide the best finish possible we remarked them using our high pigment 2 pack polyurethane paint, brush applied and foam roller finished to give vibrant looking lines. An additional court was added to the layout so another sport can use the hall once the pupils return.

IMG 7829 IMG 7833

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