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Sports Floor Revival

Sports Floor Revival

When floors become damaged or are heavily worn, replacement is the traditional answer. Biddle now provides an alternative, more economical approach that allows you to restore the surface, prolong its life and, if required, totally change its look. There is no need to remove or dispose of the old floor. For vinyl, PVC, linoleum and rubber, Biddle’s unique Sports Floor Revival delivers a completely new surface with minimal downtime.

It was time for this Grammar School to renovate their 1995 Taraflex Sport M vinyl and have a new colour floor with new lines.

After repairing some missing welds and holes, the floor was cleaned with Rotowash machinery using cleaning solution, rinsed with clean water and then abraded with the Flexisand and high performance Diamond Abrasives, to achieve an optimally prepared surface in no time.

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Once that’s done, it’s ready for restoration: two coats of Colour RAL 5012 light blue, an elastic and hardwearing PUR based coating for renovation of resilient floor coverings in heavily trafficked areas. Brand new lines masked out to our high standards of accuracy (line width ± 2mm and overall dimensions correct to 0.1%) painted using water based two pack polyurethane paint to the approved sketch proposal.

Then a final coat of clear Sport PU sealer which serves as a longterm surface protection, restoring appearance and friction while simplifying routine maintenance, compliant to EN 14904: 2006 (indoor sports surfaces).

Recoat Harvey

The Premises Manager said: “We were extremely happy with the recent resurfacing of our sports hall by Biddle Sport. From the initial planning stages to the installation, Biddle Sports were consistently personable, professional and conscientious. They clearly have a passion of the work they do, and this shines through in their work. Biddle Sport was a pleasure to have on site, and i will be recommending them in the future”

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