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RECOAT Silver Treatment

RECOAT Silver Treatment

In order to prevent the surface and the line markings from wearing through, the floor should be given an occasional overcoat, with an additional layer of Bona Sportive Finish.

When the top layer of a wooden sports floor’s protective surface is stained or has light scratches, a Recoat will effectively restore its original beauty. The floor is cleaned with Bona Deep Clean Solution. The Bona Diamond Abrasives prepare the surface by removing scratches and wear. Then the perfectly smooth, sanded surface can be recoated with Bona Sportive finish, giving the floor a new layer of durable protection with perfect adhesion to the layer beneath.

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We maintain the sports hall floor at Sutton Grammar School, which has a German Haro oak sports floor. They choose to Recoat every 18 months- two years to increase the floor’s life expectancy, ensure top performance, slip resistance & aesthetic throughout. Our Silver Treatment maintenance programme is proven to be Best Practice, saving money long term and we are happy to meet you and explain the proposal.

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Bona has been a trusted name in floor care for one hundred years: Bona Sportive Finish provides optimal sports performance with safe application, resistance to scuff marks and superb durability. Made from a polyurethane dispersion based up to 70% on renewable raw materials, it is recommended by the International Basketball Association (FIBA) for the highest level of international competitions, including the Olympic Games.

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