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DEEP CLEAN SYSTEM - Bronze treatment

DEEP CLEAN SYSTEM - Bronze treatment

Fast, efficient and versatile floor cleaning for your school using the advanced Rotowash floor cleaning machinery and high pH cleaning solutions. Producing unbeatable levels of sanitation throughout sporting facilities and on a wide variety of surfaces found in schools such as lino, wood, vinyl, PU, anti-slip, marble, quarry tiles and carpet.

Revive wood floors - instantly! Bona’s Deep Cleaning System, recommended 4-6 times a year, is designed to bring back the fresh look and feel of a wood floor between resealing & with minimal downtime, removing the toughest dirt and scuff marks.

Herculan PU sports floors are installed at over 400 schools throughout the UK and Herculan recommend keeping the floor well cleaned to ensure the surface remains hygienic and clean, Deep Cleaning the floor every school break (or every 2 months) with their VSV P2 solution. This is a highly effective cleaning agent based on a higher concentration. Afterwards the floor is rinsed with clean water.

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Everest Community Academy’s Herculan PU sports floor had severe contamination because of overdue maintenance so they booked us in to Deep Clean over the summer break. We stock the Dutch VSV P2 solution so we are ready to deep clean the Herculan PU sports floors throughout the UK with the recommended product. We gave Everest information on Herculan’s recommendations so they can correctly carry out the daily and twice weekly maintenance and we can supply the VSV R1 solution for weekly maintenance. We price for a one off deep clean and then offer a discounted price to deep clean 6 times a year as recommended by Herculan.

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John Perrin, Community Manager Everest Community Academy: “We were very pleased with the results when Biddle Sport came to deep clean our PU floor. The floor was extremely dirty and the equipment and products used did the trick and we now have our blue floor back. Diligent, efficient, great advice and most importantly friendly. Value for money and would definitely recommend.”

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