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Taraflex Isolsport laid over Granwood blocks for an updated sports floor

Taraflex Isolsport laid over Granwood blocks for an updated sports floor

Taraflex® have a simple, quick and cost-effective solution. The urgent need for improving educational establishments is creating new opportunities for innovative sports floor systems such as Taraflex® Isolsport. Isolsport membrane is an impervious loose lay sheet designed to be laid over damp sub floors or existing floors prior to the installation of the Taraflex® sports floor range. You can now save money and reduce installation times by leaving the existing floor in place when combining Taraflex® flooring with Isolsport for the perfect loose lay system. This makes it suitable for installing over Granwood surfaces, subject to meeting required conditions.

Many schools and leisure centres had Granwood tiles installed in the 1980’s. Traditionally you refurbish a Granwood floor by sanding, sealing and line marking and it will look great, but this does not improve the zero impact resistance or the need to reseal every 3 years to maintain the finish.

We can provide a budget quote for sanding, sealing and court marking. However you can now consider installing a new point elastic sports vinyl over the existing Granwood tiles. Now you know there is an alternative option to sanding the tired old surface and one that results in an improved up to date sports floor comfortable for users and easy to maintain.

We offer a planning service where we visit you and supply a pdf drawing of your new sports floor in full colour and detail to help you visualise. We discuss floor colours and potential 2 colour combinations, popular new sports like Handball and the different ways of incorporating your school logo. It’s an exciting process and we enjoy helping achieve a special new sports hall floor to be proud of for generations of students to come. There is a choice of 17 floor colours and 4 wood-effect designs.

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Installed by Durant Cricket Ltd 10/9/2019

Gerflor have specialised in vinyl sports flooring since 1947 with the brand Taraflex®, a worldwide leading brand of indoor sports floor. Taraflex® has been selected for 10 Olympic Games and chosen by leading sports events organisers and national governing bodies. They put faith in Taraflex® sports flooring because it offers the highest levels of performance, comfort and safety. You can contact Gerflor now for a free site survey.

Taraflex® benefits from foam technology that enables the lower layer to impress while the upper layer remains firm. The resulting deformation trough is twice the area of the foot allowing for greater freedom of movement in rotation whilst permitting a secure foothold that minimises the risk of injury.

Point elastic resilient floorings offer 3 different levels of shock absorbency: P1, P2 & P3. You can match the specification to the need. Where furniture and educational equipment are likely to be re-arranged, P1 floorings offer excellent resistance to indentation in multi-use areas and P2 and P3 floorings in multi-sport areas. P1 flooring provides a minimum of 25% shock absorbing retention, with P2 a minimum of 35% and P3 a minimum of 45% respectively. Additionally the Impact Protection Index (IPI) indicates the protection levels a sports flooring will provide. The higher the IPI level, the higher the protection from pain and immediate injury when falling, diving or sliding on the floor. The IPI is a new and important way of looking at which sports floor gives the best safety.

Taraflex® Evolution Isolsport: a link to the Gerflor St David’s case study is here

St David’s College partners with Cardiff Met Archers (the Cardiff National Basketball League team) so it was a hugely important decision on the type of replacement sports floor for their old Granwood tile. St Davids choose Taraflex® Evolution sports vinyl in Maple Design over Isolsport, the improved product is now even safer, better performing and offers even more protection than before.


Taraflex® floors need to be kept clean so the clever built-in treatments can do the job they were designed to do. We can price to deep clean your Taraflex sports floor quarterly using a Rotowash cleaning machine to compliment your in house daily and weekly maintenance. We have a proposal waiting for you, just drop us a line and we will send you a link with a quotation. If you want to try us out, a one off deep clean is available this year at 10% discount.

Triple action Protecsol® is an intelligent surface treatment, forming the ideal compromise between slide and grip for sports shoes. Sanosol® is a bacteriostatic and fungistatic hygiene treatment providing lasting protection for the materials against bacteria and mould.

Quarterly deep cleaning ensures the surface stays hygienic and extends the life of the floor. Floors are deep cleaned with sportive cleaning solution and then rinsed with clean water. The operation takes just 4 hours and the floor can be put back into use within 2 hours, it can be done after school hours or during school holidays to suit you.

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Installed by Norfolk Flooring Ltd 4/1/2021

“We are happy to have a company such as Biddle Sport Ltd who we can rely on to provide expert advice and service to compliment the Taraflex surfaces to be installed or previously installed, for both deep cleaning and line marking.” David Carter, Gerflor Sports Specialist