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When a floor shows deep scratches and a lifeless appearance Sanding is the solution

When a floor shows deep scratches and a lifeless appearance Sanding is the solution

The stress and impact of the game, combined with recent non sporting uses have taken their toll on school sports surfaces. When it comes to sports, a well maintained floor is as important as any other equipment for best performance.

Renovating is the process of restoring an old or worn product and bringing it up to date to serve its initial function, to look like new. Renovation of a wood floor saves time compared to installing a new floor, reduces environmental impact and gives a slip-resistant, hygienic and attractive surface.

A full renovation involves coarse sanding down to bare wood, medium sanding, and fine sanding. Bona Abrasives are a perfect balance of aggressive sanding and gentleness to the wooden floor. Instead of tearing out the wood fibres and damaging the floor, the abrasives we use ground the surface homogeneously, resulting in a visibly more even end surface. Thus, it opens up for a new and better way of sanding.

We look for the best results in fine sanding and Bona Diamond Abrasives with the FexiSand give us the confidence to sand any wooden surface to perfection. Made with the hardest sanding agents in the world, Bona Diamond Abrasives are unique, delivering unparelleled evenness of abrasion and surface quality - whether it is sanding on bare wood or preparation for recoating.

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The Bona Sportive system is a complete solution for the maintenance and renovation of wooden sports floors. After the renovation you can choose to recoat the floor with 1 coat of Sportive seal every 2-3 years, which has been shown to be a better way of maintaining the floor rather than do nothing and then every 6 years sand the floor. It maintains the slip-resistance, extends the life of the floor and looks better.

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