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Court Marking Precision for the London School of Economics

Court Marking Precision for the London School of Economics

Turning a floor into a sports floor with the latest court design software and superb line marking is where our company thrives.

3 words characterise our court design and line marking service and they remain the same for every make of floor and every size of job we undertake:


MACE Group Ltd specified and installed a seamless sports floor, using PU materials made in Holland, for the new London School of Economics University Sports Hall in Central London. We first helped MACE with the court layout design and then carried out the line markings, masking out and painting 1.30 km of court lines in 15 hours using PU two-pack polyurethane paint and transforming the well laid floor in the spectacular new Marshall Building Sports hall for LSE students to enjoy their sports next term. A well planned and line marked floor is vital to the functionality of any new sports hall and the earlier we are added to the project team the better and easier for everyone.

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Our future maintenance services at key points during the life of the floor is where our company excels.

  • PU floors benefit from a deep clean once per term and we can price to do this for you with the recommended periodical cleaning solution direct from the floor manufacturer in Holland, which we stock in the UK, using the best Rotowash cleaning machines. Floors are cleaned with cleaning solution and then rinsed with clean water to leave a clean surface which improves hygiene and slip resistance + extends the life of the top coat which needs to be face lifted every 10 years. We can also supply the recommended regular cleaning solution for you to clean the floor with you own daily and weekly cleaning regime.

  • Court lines may need remarking after years of use and here we clean the floor prior to remarking and paint the lines using the recommended paint from Holland. We can modify a court where the marking changes such as Basketball FIBA 2012 and large logos can be added to the floor to make the floor unique to your school branding.

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