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Sanding, Sealing and Court Marking Granwood block Sports hall floors

Sanding, Sealing and Court Marking Granwood block Sports hall floors

There are a number of key interventions in the long life of a Granwood floor and we can discuss with you the most appropriate for your floor and budget.

Granwood have a long history in sports hall flooring

At the heart of Granwood flooring is the Granwood composition block. Constructed from a combination of cement, by-product softwood sawdust, fillers, binders and pigments, the block was formed under high pressure, impregnated with linseed oil and heat cured for excellent stability. The floor can cope with virtually every type of indoor traffic, use or abuse. From the 1960s blocks were fixed directly to a concrete subfloor with either a sand and cement mortar bed or an adhesive. If your floor is hard with no give, it will be one of the early block floors and where used for sport should be updated with a new sports surface as soon as possible.

In 1996 they developed Gransprung flooring systems which many schools have today, with the blocks laid over a resilient undercarriage giving an area elastic floor. These are sealed with Granguard seal and line marked with polyurethane paint that need to be resealed, remarked and occasionally sanded to maintain the finish as recommended by Granwood.


Haybridge High School has a Gransprung floor which had not been maintained for several years but the court lines were still fine, the seal however had started to wear and become patchy. It was simple to clean, abrade and apply Granguard seal over the floor as the most cost effective way to bring the floor back to Good condition. The seal gives the floor its slip resistance and looks outstanding, a coat of seal is then recommended every 2-3 years.


Reseal and remark

Bromsgrove School has a Gransprung floor which is used as a secondary hall as they are fortunate to have a sprung wooden floor in their main Arena. The floor had little seal left on it and the lines were worn but since this was their smaller and more multi purpose sports hall it was agreed that sanding was not needed to save on the cost and disruption. A thorough clean and abrasion with diamond abrasives, one coat of Granguard seal, remarking of lines + the new FIBA 2012 court zone and 3 point lines added and one coat of seal over the floor & lines was the best way forward. It saved £6000 and gave them a well sealed and freshly marked floor with the basketball court up to date.


Sanding, sealing and court marking

The University of Lincoln wanted to sand, seal and court mark their main Sports hall Gransprung floor. Having the correct sanding equipment fitted by the cyclone dust collection system is vital when sanding Granwood floors as they create dust which is finer than when sanding wooden floors. This is not a job for the average sanding machine.


Taraflex Isolsport, a system for overlaying Granwood block floors

Hard floors with zero shock absorbency are not suitable for sports use and should be replaced as soon as possible. BS EN 14904: 2006 indoor sports surfaces lists the standards that sports floors should meet. There is a system developed by Gerflor that combines Taraflex Sport vinyl with Isolsport, an isolating layer, that can be laid over Granwood blocks. Taraflex Sport has factory applied coatings, one for slip characteristics and the other for hygiene that provides a low maintenance point elastic sports floor with good shock absorbency and impact resistance.

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We work with you to give you all the tools to maintain your floor in the way that suits your needs and budget, and one day to update your floor with Taraflex Isolsport.

Do you need Sanding, Sealing and Court Marking or Taraflex Isolsport? Talk to us.

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