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No need for College to compromise between sport usage and multipurpose activities

No need for College to compromise between sport usage and multipurpose activities

Polished Concrete Light Grey is one of the new urban designs from the Taraflex® Multi-Use sports vinyl range.

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic College had a 1960s sports hall and a floor made of Asphalt which was a hard unforgiving surface.

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Choosing Taraflex® Multi-Use meant there was no need to compromise between sport usage and multipurpose activities, with a wide choice of modern colours.

Polished Concrete light grey is a new design with all the fine scratches and interest you’d expect with a polished concrete finish. The more you look at the floor the more fascinating you find it and the coloured court lines look outstanding.

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Taraflex Multi-Use is 6.2mm thick, offers performance & very high indentation resistance thanks to double density foam plus P1 Safety with an Impact Protection Index of 52%.

The floor has D-Max durability with calendered PVC sheets reinforced with fibre glass grid and is coated with Protecsol, an intelligent triple action surface treatment.

  • best solution to maximise both slide and grip
  • a friction-burn free surface
  • cost effective and easy to maintain

Taraflex® Multi-Use, combined with Isolsport, allows the sports floor to be installed directly over old Asphalt and Granwood blocks. Multi-Use complies with EN 14 904 indoor sports surfaces for Fire, Shock Absorption, Sliding Coefficient, Abrasion resistance and Rolling load resistance.

  • Taraflex® was made and specified by Gerflor. Chris Newey, West Midlands Area Sales Manager
  • Floor was installed by FLR Group. Adam Kaid, Contracts Manager
  • Court designing and court marking by Biddle Sport
  • Walls painted by the College Site Team

Bernie McNally, Site Manager said:

‘We are delighted with the work carried out by Mark & Rosie Biddle! They were professional and very quick at laying these lines down in only 2 days, I would highly recommend them to any school. Very friendly people, we wish them all the best and many thanks once again.’

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