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Sports floors in gymnasiums and multi-purpose halls must be able to withstand heavy use and wear. As a result of mechanical abrasion due to sports equipment and friction during play and training, damage occurs, such as scratches on the surface. Court markings, which are usually only applied to the surface, soon wear down and must be renewed. Shoe-soles leave scuff and heel marks, which are difficult to remove. Things become dangerous when non-slip safety is no longer assured because of wear or the wrong care.

With the floor remake system from Dr. Schutz, worn down sports floors in schools and leisure centres, can be renovated without incurring high costs or long down-times. What is more, the floor will once again meet the standards required for sports floors. This applies to all sports floors, whether they are made of linoleum, vinyl or cast PU.

The floor remake system offers flexible innovative solutions which correspond to your floor and needs. We will work with you to pick your new colour floor, design your new court marking layout with school logo and prepare drawings to help you visualise your ‘new’ floor.

  • A 20 year old green vinyl floor may look like it needs replacing but can be recoloured with two coatings of any new classic RAL colour, have a newly designed set of court markings and then protected by two more clear coatings for a completely new looking and performing floor.
  • A 10 year old linoleum or PU floor may have become slippy and, if you don’t want to change the floor colour, can be coated with two clear coatings for a new playing surface with non-slip safety and easy maintenance.

The advantages of the Dr. Schutz floor remake system

  • Shorter renovation time and lower costs compared to a newly laid floor
  • Court markings are protected long-term
  • Non-slip safety and the right gloss grade according to EN 14904 for sports floors
  • Visual defects are eliminated
  • Changes in the markings can easily be carried out
  • Protection against new damage from abrasion and chemical substances
  • Easy to clean, thereby substantially reducing the costs of maintenance and care
  • Ensures high non-slip safety

Sports floor transformation

Pictures can say more than words & sports floors can be revived without tearing them out!

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