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A game changer in indoor court markings: Biddle was the first in the UK to work to the highest standards of accuracy with line width ± 2mm and overall dimensions correct to 0.1 %. The first floor we marked was Taraflex Sport M which has become the most widely specified indoor sports surface in the world and has been fitted at every Olympic Games since 1976. We are now recommended by the leading sports floor manufacturers, trusted to bring their floors to life with outstanding lines and branding. 

We were the first to offer clients accurate court layout sketch proposals in full colour and detail to help them visualise the finished floor. Now branding and two-colour floors are possible and our design proposals can show any floor colour and court marking combination including your logo. It's time to consider new exciting floor colours featuring your eye catching school logo to bring your sports hall into the 21C.

Court Marking and Design.

Biddle has become the leading court marking and design company for schools refurbishing their sports floors and walls. We aim to add something special and unique to every school sports hall, with the most precise court marking and creative design service for the 21C.

  • Visit site to measure the sports hall and discuss your court layout and logo.
  • Prepare an indicative court layout drawing for your school team to visualise the new layout in full colour and detail.
  • Clean and rinse the floor using Rotowash machinery prior to court marking.
  • All lines including circles masked out to the highest standards of accuracy and logos stencilled prior to painting.

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