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It's now been proven* that refinishing a wood sports floor is an effective solution in achieving reduced impact on climate change and improved resource use. SuperSport HD is a two component waterborne wood floor lacquer compliance with the European standard for indoor sports surfaces, has outstanding resistance to wear and scuff marks and is easy to maintain.

Every layer matters.

Applying 1 coat of seal every 2 years extends the life of the floor and the time between sanding. The top layer of a wooden sports floor provides the sporting characteristics such as slip resistance and it is this layer that requires recoating to ensure a sports floor performs correctly and is easily maintained. Lines can be remarked prior to recoating if they are faded or the basketball court needs updating.

Sanding, sealing and court marking wood sports floors is also done using the SuperSport system applying one coat of SuperSport Primer, new lines and 2 coats of SuperSport HD to bring floors back to like new condition rather than replacement. Sanding a floor removes some of the wood and reduces the life of the floor so should only be done when needed.

Resilient sports floors can now be recoated.

New to the market Recoating systems can do the same for worn vinyl, PU and linoleum sports floors with the benefit of changing the colour of the floor. It costs a fraction of a new floor and increases resource efficiency. This system won us the 2020 Flooring Industry Awards for flooring in Education and is a new way to revive and extend the life of a synthetic sports floor.

* A recent report from IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute confirms a 75% carbon footprint reduction with refinishing wood floors and a 85% reduction with refinishing resilient floors versus replacing. Report No B 2385 June 2020 Increasing resource efficiency in the Swedish flooring industry through floor refinishing.

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