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Renewing the surface and extending the life of your sports floors - the cost effective way to maintain your floors.

A complete programme of maintenance services planned during the life of your floor, using the recommended products and timely interventions, developed specifically for the demands of modern sports floors.

We offer state of the art solutions for sports floors in every situation, whether it is court marking a new floor, a full renovation or cleaning & maintenance tasks such a resealing with one coat of new finish every 2 years.

Where would the world's best basketball players be without the right shoes or hockey goalkeepers without the best protective gear? The performance of the individual and the team is improved by having the best equipment. Indoor sports floors are no different being just another piece of equipment and arguably the most important piece for most people.

Every layer matters.

Success is built on a strong foundation for top floor performance, every layer of the sports floor plays a crucial role. The top layer provides the sporting characteristics such as slip resistance and it is this layer that requires routine maintenance to ensure a sports floor performs correctly.

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