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Particularly with ball and running games there is the danger that people playing sport are not able to slow down in time before hard walls. Sport England's recommended dimensions for sports halls is 34.5 x 20m and many schools have sports hall built to older recommended dimensions of 33 x 18m or less – so the run offs around the courts, particularly netball and basketball are much smaller than now advised.

The Softwall anti-shock systems, produced for every project individually, have been used in 5000 sports halls all over the world and help provide protection against injuries. Softwall anti-shock material is a point elastic wall covering, 19mm thick, particularly suited for existing school sports halls.

We supplied and installed Softwall to the plywood walls of a new sports hall in London up to a height of 2.80m. There is a deep satisfaction in covering not just the walls but the doors, bleacher seating and cutting out for all the sockets and details.

Softwall helps to mitigate the danger that players are not able to slow down in time before hitting hard walls, creating impact reduction of >50%.

It is both the most economical way to improve safety in existing sports halls with run offs below the recommended minimums and to give a great look to even the most accomplished sports hall design.

Colston's School refurbished their sports hall this summer. It measures 32.08 x 17.60m and we installed Softwall Alaska 2.0m high to match the top of the door frames. We also planned the floor colours and painted the line markings to the new Taraflex Performance floor.

Product Description:

Softwall anti-shock material has a thickness of 19mm, consisting of a 15mm thick polyethylene foam layer, homogeneous and permanently elastic, on which a 4mm textile material is glued by a special heat process in the factory. The panels have been tested and results give Impact reduction of >50%. It may be necessary to first line your walls with 15mm t&g plywood to give a level surface to glue the Softwall panels to. 

Foam Specification:

This 15mm thick foam layer, with a weight of 600g per m², is responsible for the excellent shock absorbency. With high deformation the even closed cell structure is not damaged, giving continuous elasticity and excellent ageing. Because the PE-foam is produced free of Chlorofluorcarbon, manufacture is less harmful to the environment.

Textile top material:

This 4mm thick textile layer has 450g per m² soft fibres with a 150g per m² 100% polypropylene SBR-latex backing. It plays an important role in sound reduction and design possibilities with a choice of 6 Classic colours. It has high resistance against mechanical wear and tear giving a long life span. Cleaning is very easy as you can wipe the material with a wet towel or use a vacuum cleaner.

Our experience - your advantage

We have installed Softwall in the UK since 2008 in partnership with Europe's leading company with over 25 years experience in manufacturing anti-shock protection systems for sports halls and gymnasia. Softwall is individually designed, as every sports hall is unique, and installed to the highest standards.

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