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Gold: Renovate

We give damaged and heavily worn sports floors a new lease of life with our Renovate Treatment.

The norm today is new and fresh. However a recent report from IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute confirms that refinishing hardwood and resilient floors is more sustainable for the environment than replacing the flooring surfaces.

Wood floors are renovated by sanding to bare wood to give a fresh start, then three new layers of SuperSport lacquer and new games markings are installed. The layout of the courts can be updated and improved: a court layout drawing in full colour and detail is prepared so you can visualise the finished result.

Vinyl, PU and linoleum sports floors can also be renovated by using our new award winning Resilient System. The floor is deep cleaned and mechanically abraded, prior to applying 2 coloured PU coats followed by a clear coat of PU Sport - new lines - then a final clear coat of PU Sport sealer on top. You can choose any new colour achieving a transformation that looks like a new floor.

The Resilient System costs less than half the price of replacement. It extends the life of your floor and avoids having to dispose of the existing vinyl, PU or linoleum. 

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