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Court Marking

Having built up decades of experience, we occupy a leading position in the sports hall line marking market. All lines are masked out, including circles using our unique circle masking machinery, to great accuracy: line width ± 2mm and overall dimensions correct to 0.1%.  School branding and court layout drawings in full colour and detail are now available.

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Sports Floor Maintenance

A Winning Team: The Biddle Care Program for wood and resilient floors ensures your sports floors will be correctly maintained at appropriate intervals, prolonging the time between full Gold level treatments or the capital expense of replacement. It will also ensure the surface remains looking good and performing safely - for as long as possible between treatments.

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Anti-shock wall panel systems, produced for every project individually, have been used in 5000 sports halls all over the world and help provide protection against injuries. It is the most economical way to improve safety in existing sports halls with run-offs below the recommended minimums and to give a great look to even the most accomplished sports hall design.

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Thanks to the modern renovation systems from Dr. Schutz, thousands of sports hall floors have already been renovated world-wide, thereby saving them from disposal. We are proud to be their elite sports partner in the UK, using their transparent and colour coating systems to revive ageing PU, vinyl and linoleum sports floors. Recommended by the world’s leading floor manufacturers.

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Sports floor maintenance and court marking has always been a part of our lives and we truly believe a well maintained floor is the most important part of your users sporting experience.

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