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Bronze: Revive

Fast, efficient and versatile cleaning for sports surfaces. Alongside a regular cleaning routine, termly deep cleaning is a vital part of a proper sports floor maintenance plan. It is a much more thorough clean designed to remove the layer of body fats and grime which build up in spite of day to day cleaning. This is instrumental in maintaining performance, hygiene, durability and aesthetic. 

Performance and hygiene.

We are recommended by Taraflex the leading sports vinyl in the World and we deep clean all makes of vinyl, linoleum and PU sports hall floors. A clean Taraflex floor is necessary for your slip resistance coating, Protecsol, to function as intended. The same holds for the antibacterial coating, Sanosol. A clean floor is needed to prevent bacteria growth.

We stock Herculan VSV-P2 periodic and Herculan VSV-R1 regular cleaning solutions for approved cleaning of Herculan PU sports floors. PU floors can easily become grimey and slippy and termly deep cleaning is a crucial part of their maintenance. 

The powerful action of our Rotowash machine combined with specifically selected alkaline cleaners for each floor works deep down. Safe, effective and suitable for all kinds of flooring, our Deep Clean Treatment leaves floors clean, fresh and Revived.

We offer a one off deep clean or a discounted set of 3 termly deep cleans to suit your budget.

Why not Revive the floor & Remark the court lines to give the sports hall a total revitalised look. New sports can be added and old spec courts such as basketball pre 2012 can be modified to the new FIBA marking.

Rotowashing new Taraflex sports floors for building sites prior to line marking keeps the work on schedule.

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