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Indoor Hockey Arena: Junckers flooring

Indoor Hockey Arena: Junckers flooring

Bromsgrove School contacted us to help them implement a regular maintenance regime to ensure their Arena floor is at its best at all times, to avoid the floor becoming a hazard due to a slippery surface and to help protect the court lines on the floor.

Sports facilities receive heavy foot traffic and use on a daily basis: Junckers will warrant all floor installations only if regular maintenance is carried out to their guidelines. They recommend a yearly inspection and that all sports floors receive a chemical clean and extra coat of HP Sport seal approx every 18 months.

The floor is cleaned with Sylva Neutraliser and then Diamond Abrasives are used to prepare the surface by removing light scratches and wear. The surface can then be coated with 1 x coat of Junckers HP Sport seal to give the floor a new layer of durable protection with perfect adhesion to the layer beneath.

Maintaining your floor little and often will put off the need for more costly sanding and renovation.

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