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Winner of the 2020 Flooring Industry Awards

Winner of the 2020 Flooring Industry Awards

Winner of The 2020 Flooring Industry Awards

We are proud to announce that our renovation of the sports floor at Bishop Walsh Catholic School was the Winning Project in the category: Flooring in Education - Schools.

Announced at a virtual awards event hosted by Snooker Champion John Parrott on September 11, finalists are nominated by flooring contractors and facility management industries. It is organised by CFJ contract flooring journal and CFA contract flooring association.

Schools now have a alternative to replacing floors: they can renovate vinyl and linoleum surfaces, choosing any new colour at a cost less than half of the traditional replacement approach. Not only are the savings to Schools significant, the Swedish Environmental Research Institute published a report confirming that refinishing hardwood and vinyl flooring surfaces offers more than 75% reduced carbon footprint compared to floor replacement.

Lengthening the service lifetime of products before being disposed of could be an effective solution in achieving reduced impact on climate change and improved resource use.

Resilient System

The Bona Resilient System is an innovative and highly effective programme, for the renovation and maintenance of resilient flooring.

This high-quality, sustainable programme allows you to not just maintain a floor’s freshness, but also to totally transform its look, without replacing it. Even in heavy-traffic areas, surfaces can be sealed for extra durability and long-term protection.

Discover the possibilities

We call it recoating, but you could easily mistake it for a brand new floor.

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