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We keep floors beautiful and functional year after year, throughout the life of the floor

We keep floors beautiful and functional year after year, throughout the life of the floor

“Our University has had the pleasure of working with Biddle for the last 12 years. We have had sanding, sealing and court marking and subsequent resealing - the results have been outstanding as they are very much perfectionists. This company is honest, forthright, professional and efficient in their conduct and I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Neil Whitehouse, Sports Technical Officer - Wolverhampton University

At Wolverhampton University we apply an additional layer of SuperSport HD lacquer as an extended maintenance treatment every 2-3 years to their Boen beech sports floor. This approach is an alternative to a costly and time consuming full renovation of wooden sports surfaces - when the floor has to be sanded right back to bare wood.

Preventative maintenance is key to prolonging the surface performance of a sports floor. We can offer you, just like Wolverhampton University, an inspection every 18 months and a quote to reseal every 2-3 years.

Court Marking and Court Designing

All lines are masked out using premium masking tape and lines are marked using water-borne 2-pack polyurethane paint. We achieve clean edged lines with vibrant colours because of the high pigment content of our specialised line marking paints. Circles are masked with an unique circle masking machine that gives the same accuracies as straight lines: line width ± 2mm and overall dimensions correct to ±0.1%.

We supply an indicative court layout drawing in full colour and detail, sent as a pdf so you can forward to as many teachers and clubs as you want. We can add new sports and your school logo to make your design unique and exciting.

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Sanding wooden sports floors

When sanding floors, we specify Bona SuperSport One. A one component lacquer that uses oxygen crosslinking to deliver great durability. Specially formulated to provide a tough finish and good build on wooden sports floors. Complies with the requirements of EN 14904: 2006 for indoor sports floors and is approved by FIBA. Correct slip resistance enhances the performance of the players and will help prevent injuries.

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The Bona SuperSport system is designed to withstand the tough demands placed on a sports surface such as intense impact, movement and flexing.

Performance from the top down

Layer 4: the top layer of lacquer creates extra protection against wear and protects the painted lines underneath

Layer 3: paint, for court markings and logos

Layer 2: the first layer of lacquer gives protection against wear and impact, as well as providing moisture and water resistance

Layer 1: the Primer provides a strong adhesion between the sanded floor and the first layer of finish. It also provides durability and flexibility to withstand movement of the floor

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