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We paint School logos on 50% of the sports floors we court mark

We paint School logos on 50% of the sports floors we court mark

History. Culture. Tradition.

Few things heighten school vitality and pride like the school logo when playing sports. Students love to rally around sports teams as they compete against rival schools. For this reason alone, one of your core focal points needs to be on having your school logo centre stage of the sports hall floor. Students, alumni, PE faculty and staff need to feel the intensity of school pride, whenever they enter the Sports hall and gymnasium.

We supply you with an indicative court layout drawing featuring your school logo to help you and the school teams visualise the design. Once agreed we have a stencil made from self adhesive masking plastic using your logo .eps file to ensure accuracy. Logos are then painted on site using two-component waterborne court marking paint that has no smell and is compatible to the floor.

Often the logo is made up to 3.60m diameter and fits within the Basketball centre circle but we can show you a range of options: we have also marked logos in front of the entrance, or along the end walls. The sports hall floor provides the perfect platform for you to develop your school’s brand.

Photographs show Rosie setting out the stencil prior to painting with the approved sports line paint, and some of our recent work. She is highly experienced and i hope you will agree that the results are outstanding.


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